been in the hospital all day today 😩 y’all please pray for me because the doctors have yet to find out what’s wrong 😣 (at Dr Phillips Hospital)



took my draids (braided dreads) out last night 😳 what y’all think? #teamdreadhead winning? ☺️ 7 years strong ✊

My new sounds:


Everybody on tumblr right now


Boston Bombing: What You Aren’t Being Told (MUST WATCH and SHARE)

Via II Pause and Question


She still has not come home my best friend’s sister that is like a little sister 2 me

wet n wild 🌊🏊🏄 #FloridaGang 🌞🌴🐊 (at Wet ‘n Wild Orlando)

New phone and a new number so hit my DM Or just ask for it 👌

I can’t wait to be back because I sure miss y’all 😍🙌💯

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