Alabama , Mississippi, & Louisiana were good to us. shouts out to @toonzweare @trenubb @whiteboychris_ 🙌💯🔥 (at Comfort Suites Gulfport, MS)

mobile Alabama with the squad @dremagic @cityboynarley @zabaleta.ernesto @_moneymahoney @yeetsquad @all_myhoes_bad

everything black men do is a reflection of each other…so if it’s #blackpower then, it’s #blackpower forever ✊ #pride #FSV2 #FSV #FloridaSuperVine #FloridaSuperVine2 #BlackPanther #NBP

research your ancestry go back as far as you can to find out why things are the way they are now you’d be surprised to know how many things we accept as “the norm” now that has little to nothing to do with what we came from. I’m not trying proselytize though, all I’m trying to do is put that fire in all of us to educate ourselves on our heritage rather culture, especially considering how much of “our” culture is self destructive. so…to all my black brothers and sisters, I want you to know that Christianity is not for us, it NEVER has been, it was FORCED upon us through SLAVERY and EUROPEAN COLONIZATION…and if you care enough to know why I feel the way I feel rather immediately dismissing my claims, research your African heritage… Starting in Egypt. Nonetheless, God Bless you. #OneLove

fuck with the kid on snapchat though 😅 ➡️ @whoissizzle ⬅️

been in the hospital all day today 😩 y’all please pray for me because the doctors have yet to find out what’s wrong 😣 (at Dr Phillips Hospital)



took my draids (braided dreads) out last night 😳 what y’all think? #teamdreadhead winning? ☺️ 7 years strong ✊

My new sounds:


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